Bruno Tessier, entrepreneur at heart and visionary

Bruno Tessier, entrepreneur at heart and visionary

Publié le 7 november 2017

In 1996, Mr Tessier founded Tessier Exhibit and Show Services. Previously, Mr Tessier had the opportunity to work for fifteen years in the entertainment industry. 

Prior to Tessier Exhibit and Show Services, Mr Tessier was General Manager at PE Poitras Exposition Services. In this role, he learned the basics of good corporate management within the events industry. Driven by a strong desire to become an entrepreneur, he decided, twenty years ago, to embark on the adventure that is Tessier Exhibit and Show Services.

His previous work history has given him invaluable experience across several industries including, film, securities, administration, and electronics. Tessier Exhibit and Show Services approach has always been to create spaces that support the corporate image and successfully meet the demands of the client.

Over the past twenty years Mr Tessier has added competent members to his team. Quickly, the teamwork and strong vision of the entrepreneur were recognized in the business community. Now, twenty yeears later Tessier Exhibit and Show Services is a major player in the industry.

Good luck for the future, Mr Tessier!

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