Éric Tessier: The meeting of teamwork and experience

Éric Tessier: The meeting of teamwork and experience

Publié le 6 march 2018

Employee of Tessier Exhibit and Show Services for nine years and son of Mr Bruno Tessier, President of the company, Mr Eric Tessier has been in the world of events since a young age. He worked in serveral positions within the company as a youth and he followed this up with his studies in management, sales and marketing. This led him to finding his passion for project management and cementing his place within the company. 

Often described as hardworking, versatile and passionate, Mr Tessier has contributed to the high level of client satisfaction. With his expertise in both human resource management and material handling he is a key part in the smooth running of the day to day operations.

"Working in the field of events requires being able to look back, and I like that! I am pleased to see the major events to which I have contributed, "explains Mr Tessier.

Aware that success is based on teamwork, he doesn't hesitate to personally invest his time in the organisation of social activities for employees. His goal: rally the troops, to make sure that all employees are satisfied and happy. Eric Tessier is one fo the people who will lead the company into the future.

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